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Today's Franchise Menu from J's Pizza Market

 About Our Franchise-

J’s Pizza Market™ was started over (10) years ago by a young entrepreneur, Jonathan Kelley, who brought the “Take & Bake” pizza concept to northeastern Ohio from Aspen, CO.  His business plan was simple – develop the concept into a national franchise by providing a unique, quality product and making the process easy to duplicate in any location.  The “Take & Bake” segment of the pizza industry is the fastest growing portion and J’s Pizza Market™ leads the way with a unique selection of Traditional, Gourmet & Out of the Ordinary pizzas as well as a large selection of sandwiches and salads.


J’s Pizza Market™ is looking for potential franchisees that share our excitement in getting involved on “the ground floor” of a concept that will change your lifestyle and professional career.  It is a fun business supported by a substantial franchising organization in the fastest growing segment of the pizza industry.  Our franchising team consists of individuals with extensive experience in franchising, operations, training, marketing and branding.  Unlike many restaurants, our business model does not require a large staff, a big investment or a reason to stay open late.  As the owner/operator of a J’s Pizza Market™, you will own your business and still have time for a personal life with family and friends.


We are more than just “pizza”! Our menu consists of an interesting selection of salads, sandwiches and catering items that capitalize on three distinct income streams – lunch, business & event catering and the traditional dinner business.  Our 3-Revenue Stream™ model provides everything a new business owner will need to be successful.  Our new “flagship store” is designed to be a model for future franchises and is our corporate training store.  All you have to do is look at the design simplicity, the process flow and the product branding to be as excited about the concept as we are.


Main Dish-

Take & Bake or Bake & Take!  Take & Bake is the fastest growing segment of the pizza industry and the Bake & Take segment is huge.  J’s Pizza Market is a leader in both market segments.  The pizza is made per order using the freshest ingredients and our exclusive dough.  The Take & Bake pizza is made on an oven safe baking dish and wrapped for the customer to take home and bake in their oven when it is convenient for them to eat.  J’s also offers to bake the pizza in our unique Wood Stone Hearth Oven for that old world pizza flavor.  Our Take & Bake or Bake & Take options allow our customers to make the choice most convenient for them.   

Other than drop off catering, J’s Pizza Market does not deliver.  This avoids the extra cost and the extra liability of this increasing expensive service.  To cover this segment of the market, J’s has established an alliance with Deliver Me Food, a company that delivers food directly to homes or offices from numerous restaurants in an area.  All the customer has to do is go to, click on the J’s Pizza Market menu, order and the food will be delivered to their door.  J’s Pizza Market “covers all the bases” and then some! 

Our model store is approximately 1500 square feet and the equipment package is streamlined which keeps your initial investment and your cost of operation low.  Smaller space equates to substantially reduced overhead costs – rent, utilities, maintenance, etc.  No prior restaurant or business experience is required.  Our process is easy to learn and all the systems required for success are provided for you.   Our manuals and training programs are designed to provide everything you as an owner/operator will require for a successful business.

Your Check-

We are a new and exciting franchise in a growth industry.  Now is the time to join our team and grow together.  You will not be just another franchisee in a big over-sized company; you will be a big part of something new and exciting.  How many times have you heard people say “wish I would have been on the ground floor of that idea”?  Now you can; just give us the chance to show you how!

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