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Gluten Free Pizza

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We have been looking for a way to serve Gluten Free pizzas for years. Finally we are able to offer not just a Gluten Free pizza but a great pizza that is Gluten Free.

Our Story as told by owner, Jonathan Kelley:

Pizza is such a social food; parties, sporting events, movie nights, family nights and many other times: we eat pizza with our friends and family. To give up pizza is more than just not eating pizza; it is not being part of something special. I knew we needed to serve a gluten free pizza, and not for our business but for our customers. We have tried so many different pizzas without wheat; to be candid they were just not good. There were a few times when I thought we had it right only to realize it was still wasn’t up to our standards.  After many tries we finally got it right and it is very good. I knew we had a hit when shortly after we started serving Gluten Free pizzas to just a few customers, one of them called us and was very concerned we sold her a regular pizza. She said it was too good to be Gluten Free. Then a few weeks later I got this email and knew for sure we got it right.


Hello J's Pizza Market!  

Please forgive us, as we meant to get this email out to you last week. This would've been right after we enjoyed two of your gluten-free pizzas, and we saw the joy in our son's eyes.

A little bit about our family...we are a family like so many nowadays, who have children with food allergies.  We are fortunate enough to have found alternatives for most things that we enjoy. Pizza, however, has been really difficult to find.  You can imagine our happiness, then, when you sent out an email saying you were thinking about carrying gluten-free pizzas!  We took for granted how nice it was to order food from the same place, and our whole family could partake!! Not only were the pizzas delicious, our six year old's face literally brought tears to our eyes. He was so excited and thankful, as are we! Thank you so very much for allowing an atypical family to partake in a typical family activity. Family Pizza Night has now become a tradition in our home again, and I couldn't be happier. Your efforts are beyond appreciated!

Most Sincerely, The Lark Family Dan, Gina, Riley, and Madelyn